The Tale-Tale heart project

Updated: 10/31/2020
The Tale-Tale heart project

Storyboard Text

  • Resolution: part 1
  • Resolution: part 2
  • Resolution: part 3
  • After the narrator killed the old man he needed to find a way to hide the body.
  • Resolutions: part 4
  • The narrator heard the door knocked and turns out his neighbor called the cops because they heard a strange noise at night.
  • Resolution: part 5
  • The narrator let in the cops and went into the old mans room. He then greeted them with very nice manners. The cops Didn't see anything wrong.
  • Resolution: part 6
  • The narrator started freaking out and he keeps on hearing the old mans heart beat. The police would never leave and kept on making conversation.
  • The narrator thought the cops would never leave and he thought the cops could hear the beating heart too and he confessed.
  • The narrator shows where he hid the old man and he turns himself in.