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Updated: 1/5/2021
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  • As Rome was expadning they sent ann army to Sicily to prevent Carthagian takeover
  • First Punic war Second Punic War Third Punic war
  • To Carthage we go!
  • Rome was unhappy Carthage was gaining land near their northern boarder. As a result, they helped people living in Spain rebel against carthage
  • Okay then. We will work together against Carthage
  • We want to help you rebel against them
  • Hello. We come in Peace!
  • We are also unhappy with Carthage right now.
  • —Rome was now the greatest empyrean the Mediterranean region. The Romans rename the sea Mare Nostrum , Latin for “Our Sea”
  • Feels nice to in power again
  • Oh NO you cant come here we already have settled.
  • Carthagealready had colonies on the island and was determined to stop the invasion
  • This calls for war. LET THE PUNIC WARS BEGIN!!
  • · To punish Rome, Carthage sent its greatest General, hannibsl toattack Rome in 218 B.C. Hegathered an army of 46,000 men, many horses, and 37 elephants.
  • I'm Hannibal, Carthage's best general ready to fight
  • Roman soldiers burned carthage to the ground and enslaved 50000men and women
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