The Great Gatsby

Updated: 9/29/2021
The Great Gatsby

Storyboard Text

  • ¨I live in West Egg, the less fashionable of the two, ... My own house is an eyesore¨ pg 5
  • Character: Nick Carraway.Setting: Nick´s House, West Egg.
  • Characters: Nick Carraway, Tom BuchanonSetting: Tom´s house, evening
  • Characters: Nick Carraway, Tom Buchanon, Daisy Buchanon, Jordon Baker.setting: inside Tom´s House.
  • Characters: Nick Carraway, Tom buchanon, Daisy Buchanon, Jordon BakerSetting: Tom´s porch, evening
  • ¨its up to us, who are the dominant race. to watch out or these other races will have control¨ pg 13
  • Characters: Nick Carraway, Jordon BakerSetting: Tom´s porch, evening
  • ¨I thought everyone knew, Tom´s got some woman in New York.¨ pg 15