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Updated: 9/16/2020
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  • I thought we could live in a cave or something.
  • I don't want to wander around anymore.
  • RIP
  • I was starved.
  • We used to hunt animals for food, but it didn't always work out.
  • Get some men over here and we'll put this bear down.
  • What are we going to eat today?
  • In the Paleolithic, people were constantly on the move for food, because the only way to avoid running out of animals to eat was to keep moving.
  • It's nice to have a home. It's nice to be out of the sun and out of the wind.
  • Now we live by farming.
  • In the Paleolithic, people hunted animals, but they didn't always succeed, so they had an erratic food supply, on the other hand, the Neolithic had a very stable food supply because they they got their food more by farming rather than hunting
  • In the Paleolithic era, hunting was dangerous and inefficient, they had no tools to hunt except stones and sticks, and people often died from animal attacks.
  • With the house, I finally don't have to worry about snakes and other animals coming to bite me at night when I sleep.
  • During the Neolithic, people began to build houses and form villages, they did not move around, they lived in one place for a long time.
  • After hunter-gatherers started farming, it led to more people starting to farm, which led to the Neolithic Age. This era was the beginning of agriculture, which was more efficient and more dependent than hunting animals.
  • During the Neolithic period, people began to own houses and other facilities that would keep them safe from snakes or other animals, and during the same period, tools began to appear
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