A summary of Julius Caesar
Updated: 11/9/2020
A summary of Julius Caesar

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  • Hi there! Im julius Caesar and this is my life
  • In 100BC I was born into a wealthy patrician family, my father Gaius Caesar was a quaestor (financial officer) and died when I was 16 years old. I left as Sulla (our family's enemy) threatened to kill me. while exiled I joined the army, where I distinguished myself as a courageous soldier.
  • In 78BC on Sulla's death, I returned to Rome where I gained popularity and powerful positions using my oratory skills (speaking) and also bribing the right people. I was elected as a Qeastor in 68BC and made a praetor (an official who ran law courts) in 64BC, I was then elected as Consul (one of 2 highest role) with the help of Pompey and Crassus (two leading figures)
  • Once my consulship ended, I took the position of the governor of Gaul, where I started my military career. There, I fought the barbarian celts and added territory to the Roman republic.
  • Charge!!!!!!!!
  • Pompey, who was now in the senate worried about my rising popularity among the plebians and the soldiers and my ignorance of the Senate's orders. So he and the Senate demanded fo me to quit my position, so I confronted them with my army instead. Fleeing to Egypt, Pompey hoped for shelter under Ptolemy the second but met death. When I arrived there Ptolemy presented me with his head to gain my favour, the murder disgusted me instead
  • When I returned to Rome, I had declared myself 'Dictator for life' in 44BC. my successes and ambitions too much for them, a group of senators called the 'liberators' decided to murder me on the 15th March the same year, I was stabbed 23 times.
  • Get 'im boys!!!!!
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