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  • James Madison-Early Years ( 1751-1771)
  • Say Cheese
  • Declaring Independence/The Constitution
  • I want Religious Freedom for all!
  • The Revolutionary War
  • You must join us to CRUSH the British, our victory is assured
  • I see I will relay the information to our King, but you can expect our support.
  • James Madison was born into a fairly wealth Virginian family along with his 2 parents and 11 siblings. They had over 3000 acres of land. (Slightly Inaccurate depiction above). During the year of 1771 he finally went to college studying philosophy, science, Greek, and Latin.
  • Political Views
  • He returned to Virginia in 1772 and upon realizing that tensions between the colonists and british were very high, he later joined the militia in 1775. His knack for writing got him into the Virginia convention where he met Thomas Jefferson, later also writing Virginia's Constitution alonside George Mason. He was one of the main factors in writing the final constitution as well.
  • Fun Facts!
  • Although James Madison was denied of his role on Virginia's Assembly he did get appointed to the Governers Council. He also strongly supported in the French joining of the war and helped to convince them that if they joined the win was guranteed. He was also almost the sole person who maintained communications with the French. His federalist views did shape how he acted however it wasn't to such an extent that he actively clashed against the others who wanted independence.
  • Controversies, and his death.
  • Down with the Constitution!
  • He was pro federalist, as well as pushed for religious freedom, both of which combined to make him want a robust, yet balanced federal government. In 1783 he even managed to get a document that protected religious freedom passed. He also was one of the first to propose the 3 branch government that we use today.
  • He was the 4th president of the U.S.A, and his most famous nickname is "The Father of the Consitution". That's because he made many contributions to the production and final draft of the consitution moreso than other founding fathers. One of his most important political positions was that in 1780 he became a delegate and traveled to Philedelphia .
  • He died in the June of 1836, making him the ripe old age of 85. In regards to his controversy he had none except for when the Virginian people did not want the Constitution ratified (most likely because it said all men had the right to the pursuit of happiness) and so he as well as John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton had to write the federalist papers to convince them.
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