Unknown Story
Updated: 1/17/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Me and my family like to play and bond together outside! We like to play ball and sometimes even chat about what's happening in our neighborhood. Chismis, as they call it. However, we noticed something.
  • I do not!
  • Do you agree that you have stolen the spirit's food?
  • We had rich neighbors, and every day we would watch in awe as the meat drippings wafted from their window. Although there was this scary man that would stare at us scarily, it didn't stop us from watching. And watch we did, and for years to come we grew healthier, yet their children grew sick. And so the scary man demanded my father to court.
  • May I cross-examine the complaint?
  • Proceed.
  • Father sat on a chair in the center of the courtroom. Mother occupied a chair by the door. We children sat on a long bench by the wall. It was a long silence before the trial started.
  • The lawyer began throwing accusations at my father, implying that us as a family, stole our neighbor's appetite by looking through their windows.
  • Soon, father began asking the lawyer questions too. And then he declared that he would pay our neighbors back.
  • My siblings and I began tossing coins unto the hat, my mother too, until it began overflowing. He then said the tinkle of the coins was the sprit repayed. Then we all laughed it off.