What are black holes?
Updated: 5/18/2020
What are black holes?
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  • What are Black Holes??
  • They are important because they are big mysteries that we need to figure out
  • I choose these mysteries because they are the ones that really stand out to me.
  • Which came first: The black hole or the galaxy?
  • Any that goes in doesn't come out
  • What are Black Holes??
  • Black Holes are holes in the galaxy that suck in and destroy anything that gets near it
  • The reason I think this is because the galaxy would had to be created already for a black hole to form.
  • Which came first: The black hole or the galaxy?
  • I think that the galaxy came before the black holes.
  • What I learned from doing this research is that black holes suck and destroy everything that get near it. But if another black hole meets another black hole they fuse and get bigger!
  • What I learned from researching Which came first was that people don't really know which came first.
  • In conclusion for mystery number one, which was what are black holes, black holes are holes in the galaxy that will suck up and destroy anything and everything that comes near it. Even if another black hole happens to come near it they will fuse together and create a bigger black hole. What ever goes in the black hole never comes back out. Nobody really know what happens if a human were to enter a black hole but what I think is that they could be sent into another universe. I think that black holes are like teleporters to another universe.
  • Research From Wikipedida.
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