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Satble food supply
Updated: 10/16/2019
Satble food supply
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  • Communities and Permanent shelters BY Jason McGhee and James Coleman.
  • People in the Paleolithic age Had to Move around a lot to get food. They had to follow the herd of animals wherever they went. They also were very tired and hunting was dangerous because They had spears and they could get very injured or they could die.
  • The development of permanent shelters was important because if they didn't have permanent Shelters than they would be on the move all the time and it is dangerous to do that. Also it protected them from Weather and animals, It allowed new ways to cook food and it let them form Larger communities.
  • The Establishment of communities were important because they could defend themselves better and they could do more stuff like Divide the work up equally and More.
  • One important fact about Permanent shelters are that they didn't have to go out all the time they could farm and not have to go out all the time. And when they were super tired they could go inside the house and rest.
  • An important fact about the communities are that they could get easier help, they could depend on each other to help them get food, and they could Have more defense if some other tribe tries to attack them. Now they can live in harmony and they won't have to worry about enemies or other stuff that might harm them.
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