The Acadian Expulsion
Updated: 1/8/2021
The Acadian Expulsion

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  • The Life of Acadians
  • Thank you and here is your money.
  • Fish
  • Bonjour Monsieur here is your fish.
  • Invasion by the British
  • Who are these people?
  • We, the British soldiers have come to take over this land.
  • Hey! what are you doing here?
  • Fish
  • RUN!!!!!!
  • The Oath to the British King, George II.
  • Hey! back off!
  • You have to sign this oath to our king for peace.
  • The Acadians were French-speaking people who led a simple and peaceful life. Their daily activities were devoted to securing one’s daily bread.
  • Burning down the houses
  • Yes! Finally Acadia is ours!!
  • The British invaded the Acadians as they had the Treaty of Utrecht with the French under which the Acadia was handed over to them.
  • The Expulsion
  • No maman!!
  • Mon enfant, mon enfant!!!
  • Mon chéri!
  • The Acadians were called to the church to take an oath to their king so, the Acadians would not have to fight with the British against France.
  • The Retreat
  • Yes! So finally we got Acadia!
  • The Acadians were scared to leave by burning their houses. So, they were forced to leave their ancestral land.
  • The Acadians were forced onto ships and sent to Europe or to distant British colonies in what is known as present-day United States.
  • Some Acadians managed to escape into the forest and find refuge with French or First Nations communities in the area. Others died of exposure or starvation while hiding.
  • Je ne veux pas être seul.
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