bio mitosis project
Updated: 2/8/2021
bio mitosis project

Storyboard Text

  • The Mitosis family was planning a huge trip to Prophase park. In-order to get to Prophase park they need to leave Interphase Illinois . Way before any of that could happen the mother jenny had to get her 8 children ready which was not very easy. The kids were a mess they always were scamblened together. Getting them in-order was never easy.
  • Jenny had all the kids all packed but they gave her a very hard time in the car so she let them do whatever. Many hours later they arrived at Prophase park where jenny got all her kids out and started to spread them out. It made it easier for her to mange her kids and to see them all. Jenny loved her kids so much that she wanted to replicate her kids so each would have a friend for their week long trip. Jenny took her kids to the next step by connecting them to spindle fibers.
  • The spindle fiber connetice to chromatids and pushed the k]kids to the middle.
  • The kids moved to the next section which was action anaphase and they started to get pulled apart. The chromatids were split apart and put on opposite ends.
  • The last section the kids went through was two telophase. There replication was practically complete. They had two identical groups formed and inorder for jennys kids to stay safe she had a cell membrance built around them.
  • The last step the kids went through was cyokinisis where her two groups were completely duplicated and separated. The kids spent their week having fun and jenny loved her kids even more.