Odysseus Adventure
Updated: 2/5/2021
Odysseus Adventure

Storyboard Description

This is a project made by me Corbyn Assi-kacou for my grade to go up,

Storyboard Text

  • Direct quoteOdysseus hero: "Not for the whole treasure of your fathers, all you enjoy, lands, flocks, or any gold put up by others, would I hold my hand. There will be killing till the score is paid. Direct quote of Antinous villain : “If you are Odysseus of Ithaca come back, all that you say these men have done is true. Summary: Antinous is known to be rude to Odysseus who was disguise but as Odysseus saw him and Antinous beg not to kill him but Odysseus went on a rampage and killed Antinous and the rest of the suitor.
  • Man vs Man
  • Odysseus Revenge
  • Man vs Supernatural
  • Direct Quote of The Cyclops villain: We Cyclopes care not a whistle for your thundering Zeus or all the gods in bliss; we have more force by far. I would not let you go for fear of Zeus Odysseus Quote: My name is Nobody: mother, father, and friends,everyone calls me Nobody.’ Summary: As Odysseus tell the Cyclops that his name is nobody he told the Cyclops to try the wine one sip knockout that gave them enough time to make a giant spear and stab the Cyclops eye and run away with the food.
  • The cyclops
  • Direct Quote of Odysseus Mother: "I'm finally glad see you and finally to see my precious boy . Direct quote of Odysseus; the undying gods, to each in order. Then a seaborne death soft as this hand of mist will come upon you Summary: As Odysseus reach the end of the Earth as he saw al the spirts he beg the god for the sun in these side of the Earth.
  • Man vs thought/ Belief/ values
  • The Land of the dead
  • Direct Quote of Odysseus of crew: This was an army, trained to fight on horseback or, where the ground required, on foot Direct Quote of Odysseus: we enslaved the women, to make division, equal shares to all but on the spot I told them: ‘Back, and quickly! Summary: As Odysseus continue to tell his man to stop and get back the ship but the crew didn't listen Odysseus wonder if he was a good leader.
  • Man vs feeling
  • Direct quote of Argus: Treated as rubbish now, he lay at last upon a mass of dung before the gates— manure of mules and cows, piled there until Direct Quote of Odysseus: he would have been a fine dog, from the look of him, though I can’t say as to his power and speed Summary: When Odysseus saw his dog he wonder why his society treat his dog soo poorly and wonder nobody have taken him
  • Man vs society
  • Direct Quote of the crew:No sooner had I caught sight of our black hull, than savory odors of burnt fat eddied around me; Direct Quote of Odysseus: O Father Zeus and gods in bliss forever, you made me sleep away this day of mischief! hour! Summary: As Odysseus say his crew eating the cattle Odysseus beg forgiveness but they the crew was killed in the process.
  • Man vs nature