Updated: 11/25/2020

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  • Yo mate, i have a question.
  • Sure mate, what is it?
  • Why do you ask? Don't you believe in God?
  • Since you are a religious person, why do you believe that there is God?
  • Oh i see. Well, me myself to sometimes felt like that.
  • No, its not like that. It's just that sometimes I can't help wondering if God is really true
  • I see
  • Let me explain you one of the ways of Saint Thomas Aquinas' argument regarding God's existence.
  • In his argument, he states that God is the one behind the complexity of the design of everything. Don't you wonder sometimes why was universe built in such a very complex way? Why our human body is very complex but still it is perfectly made? Don't you wonder who or what is the one who designed those things?
  • Oh i see. This is the first time i thought about that, but that is a very good question that made me wonder who really is the designer or the one behind all those.
  • For Saint Thomas Aquinas, God is the intelligent designer behind the complexity of all. It is amazing right? Don't you think that God is the one behind? There are no other possible cause right?
  • Yeah I guess you're right. I understand the point of Saint Thomas Aquinas and yea I find his argument logical. Thanks for explaining mate!
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