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Updated: 10/23/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Clarisse
  • The old lady
  • Faber
  • Montag is walking home and meets Clarisse for the first time and she starts asking Montag questions about the firemen and then starts telling him facts like that billboards used to only be 20ft long. Then she asks her final question of “are you happy?"
  • 3 missing things from society
  • The quality of information
  • Montag and the rest of the Firemen spot an old woman in the house and she is standing by all her books, she refuses to leave the house and lights a match and burns herself with her books. Montag tried to reason with her but she wouldn’t leave so he stole and book and saved it.
  • The death of Beatty
  • Montag needs a teacher to help him read the books and take in their information. He remembers the old english professor he saw one time reading in a park. His name was Faber and Montag calls him and asks questions about books and Faber thinks he is setting him up.
  • Meeting the book people
  • You are welcomed
  • Faber starts to explain the three things missing from society which are Quality of information, Leisure to take in the information, and the right to make action on that information. Montag also suggests a plan to plant books in firemen’s houses.
  • Beatty makes Montag burn down his own house with a flamethrower, Montag enjoys burning it all down. Beatty eventually knocks the green bullet out of Montag's ear and says he will hunt down Faber too and that sets Montag off and he kills Beatty.
  • Montag meets a man named Granger after going down the river and he gives him something to drink and tells him that he is welcomed. Granger then shows Montag the government capturing a fake Montag and killing him so the city wouldn’t be unrested.
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