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Atomic Theory By Rithvik Avula and Aryan Duggal
Updated: 9/6/2020
Atomic Theory By Rithvik Avula and Aryan Duggal
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  • Oh no! I forgot to study for the test about atomic theory that we have today. Let me go to school early so I can ask Mr.Ramesh about it, so I can get a good grade.
  • Mr.Ramesh, I am confused on what the atomic theory is, can you explain it to me?
  • Okay Jamie, let me take you on the adventure of a lifetime.
  • Whoa! Where are we?
  • We are in John Dalton's laboratory. He is the one who proposed the Atomic Theory. He said matter is made up of atoms!
  • Now where are we?
  • We are in Ernest Rutherford's laboratory. He is the one who came up with what an atom looked like. He proposed that an atom had a nucleus that was positive and electrons were tiny little dots that surrounded it.
  • I think I know this one! This is Niels Bohr's laboratory. He came up with the modern picture of the atom. He proposed that the nucleus of an atom is made up of neutrons and protons, while the electrons move so fast so they are in an electron cloud outside the nucleus.
  • Precisely!
  • Now that I know all about the atomic theory I am going to ace this test.
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