CAP: The Lone Star Dream

Updated: 1/11/2021
CAP: The Lone Star Dream

Storyboard Text

  • Fredonian rebellion
  • freedom, justice, and liberty!
  • mier y teran report
  • It looks like we are outnumbered by the white Americans in taxes.
  • we need to somehow stop this.
  • law of April 6th
  • this law stopped slavery, stopped all empresario contracts, and stopped all immigration.
  • we want our rights back!!!
  • The settlers raised a flag that said independence, liberty, and justice. In the end, they did not receive their independence.
  • Battle of Gonzales
  • The fredonian rebellion led to suspicion and so the Mexican government brought mier y teran report to see what was going on, the Mexicans were outnumbered by Texans.
  • Goliad massacre
  • This law stopped all slavery, and made it so that no one could immigrate to Texas, but people could immigrate to Mexico. The Texas settlers were upset because they thought the law was taking away from their rights.
  • Battle of san jacinto
  • Your being sent home back to Mexico.
  • The Mexicans let Texas borrow their cannon to protect themselves from the natives. The Texans ended up not giving it back to Mexico which caused tension, so the Texans shot the soldiers coming for the cannon.
  • Fannin got orders from Sam Houston. He told him to retreat. The Mexican army was on their way to attack. He did not retreat until it was too late. The Texans had to surrender by Mexican troops. Santa Anna orders all the Texan soldiers to be killed.
  • Houston was engaging the Mexican army for days until he finally started the attack. The battle lasted only 18 minutes. The battle caused Sam Houston to ambush Santa Anna and eventually catch him. They made Santa Anna sign and get sent back to Mexico. Texas had won the battle.