Updated: 2/23/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Daisy's bullies; fat Alice, Pat, and Amy were hurting her at recess, while the old lady and Muffin watched how awful Daisy was being treated behind the fence
  • Daisy wanted to give muffin a piece of meat, and her and the old lady talked about how Alice bullies her.
  • The Alice gang was back at it whipping Daisy with branches on her legs, and continued to hurt her.
  • Daisy went into the old lady's house after school to have tea and biscuits and to ask if she could tell the teachers Alice was bullying her. The old lady agreed because she knew how awful Alice was.
  • The next day, after the bombing in the night, Daisy goes by the old lady's house and sees it's not there anymore. A policemen informs her that the bombs killed the old lady. Daisy sees Muffin by the rubble.
  • Walking home from school, after painting something really good, the Alice gang shows up and throws the painting in a puddle. They start beating Daisy up but Muffin comes and saves Daisy.