Social Studies Story Board
Updated: 11/7/2018
Social Studies Story Board
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  • The setting is a medieval castle in Italy near a river. The story starts with the brave knight Toad from Italy who was raised in an orphanage. He is riding to France to offer himself as a suitor for the princess.
  • He walks over to the princess noticing the other knights their large shiny swords, wishing he had something better than his small wooden stick.
  • There was a jousting tournament was coming up soon and he needed a new sword so he decided to head there the next morning.
  • The knight was not very confidendent because he did not have a sword so he went into the first blacksmith shop he saw and asked the three bladesmiths for a sword and one bladesmith said what for the toad said to impress the princess then one of the blade smiths got the biggest shiniest sword and all three blade smiths said that this sword will get you the princess because it has women swooning powers
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