Greek Myth storyboard
Updated: 4/8/2021
Greek Myth storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Athena was battaling to save her people against the huge giants, The giants had thier whole army and still being out matched. Thiers No way Athena wins this.
  • The giants had almost 200 20 ft. soldiers, No way thy would get outmatched by normal people. The soldiers are slowly destrying Thanasis.
  • Athena is taking as much as she can handle sending some into the sky. Her and her army have taken out everything almost, But shang , the most powerful, strongest, and fastest giants. Athena sends him into the sky.
  • Shang comes down so fast that he creates a crater. Shards of ruble and dust filled air all around. The worst explostion most have ever seen.
  • The ground starts to rise, and a mountain forms. The giant is swung of as it just gets bigger and bigger
  • The giant was killed in the prosses, Athena and the rest of her soldiers starte to build an empire on top of the mountain and called it Mt. Olympus