Updated: 12/10/2020

Storyboard Description

(he/adam) will be talking to her about the traumatizing events the germans put him and his family through. (alice the german) is going to be talking about her aspect in life and how she saw everything and how she saw the jews during the time.

Storyboard Text

  • Hey, My name is Adam and I am a holocaust survivor and I want to know your aspect as well I will give you my pov of the horrible things that happened during ww ll and the holocaust
  • Hello, My name is Alice, My English isn't very precise, but I will try my best to understand and give my pov of what happened when the germans were in control
  • During this time I was 15 and I didnt really understand what was happening during this time and what to make of it until germans started to take my family and my parents told me and my sister to run and next thing I know im in a train with a bag on my head,hands tied,no space and then im in a camp its very dry and I see jews , it all happened quickly
  • I am very sorry for that but I didn't understand it was that bad for jews,I didn't know this because Hitler controlled every aspect of our life from school to being able to limit what we see and what he portrayed towards jews was very different. My aspect towards it was I did what Hitler said and I agreed with what he said and if not there was a punishment it was until after that I saw jews werent the problem Hitler was but during the time he had so much control that I coudnt see see the actual pov of what was happening.
  • Yea I understand that and I hope you are doing well after that. It was until everything that I learned al of my family died because of the harsh condistions like germans putting us in gas chambers,diseases from working etc. It affect me tremendesly to this day because of what I saw and what I did myself,I cant get a job or have fun because its always in my head it doesnt leave its constant flashback of the horribles things oand then panick attacks same with everything with ww ll.
  • Yea it very much does affect me but i'm sorry you lost your family because of the actions that happened during the time. I dont have constant flashbacks because I was mostly under control because hitler had so much power but I am able to move on but im glad I got to see your pov and the truth and I hope you can live life to the fullest.
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