The great banquet
Updated: 4/7/2021
The great banquet

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  • We should go to the party venue now
  • Yes ok everyone should be getting there about now
  • Maybe they are just running late, we will wait a bit longer to see if they show
  • Where is everyone?
  • Okay I will call them now
  • Maybe we should call them to make sure they are still coming
  • preparing it for weeks with her mums help. After she had got ready she was leaving to head to the venue.A girl was getting ready for her birthday. She had been 
  • Yes we ca do that I will call them right now
  • I don't want this to go to waste so can I invite my other friends and some of the neighbours?
  • When they arrived at the venue no one was there. The girl thought that people just might be running late so they waited to see if people would show. After a while of waiting there was still no one there.
  • There is still room for more people is there anyone else you want to come?
  • Mmhh. I could invite some of my cousins
  • Her mum contacted a few of the people who were invited and they all said that they couldn't make it. The girl was really upset that all of her friends cancelled last minute after all the planning and preparing she went through to have her party.
  • What are you going to do about all the people that didn't come?
  • Nothing because if they were really my friends they wouldn't have cancelled on me last minute.
  • The girl didn't want everything her and her mum had done to go to waste so her and her mum made the decision to invite all the people from her school that she wasn't close with to come and some of her neighbours to come as well.
  • Even after inviting those other people there was still room for more so the girl invited some of her cousins to come as well.
  • Once everyone else got there the girls party was good and she had fun with all of her new friends. She was still upset though because her other friends cancelled but she said that if her friends were really her true friends they would have cancelled on her last minute.