Updated: 10/6/2021

Storyboard Text

  • After sunset, children stole tomatoes and cucumbers in the fields that they marked out on their way back from school.
  • From now on head priest would be taking care of you all. Everyone will be admitted to the local school.
  • Hello , make yourself at home .
  • Haru: we had few classes but a lot of work.
  • They were transferred to schools in Toukaichi in groups. They started school life with local children. Haru and Kenta[local student] became friends.
  • Kenta: we also have to get rid of harmful insects in paddy fields at the behest of our school.
  • Haru: we spend whole days collecting edible plants on the field but still don't get anything in our meals.
  • Kenta: yes , because all the food is being sent for the military to consume.
  • Haru: I saw some of the students stealing from the farm and to my surprise teachers know this and still don't scold them.
  • Kenta: yes I think they don't scold them out of sympathy.
  • Life at the temples was misery. For example, at a temple where about thirty boys in the third through sixth grades stayed, they ate rice mixed with soy, stems of radishes and potatoes, and grilled bullfrogs caught in rice paddies. A teacup full of soy beans was often provided as a snack, but it was not enough.
  • Haru: oh Kenta! I'm feeling sick , I won't be able to move today. I think I'll get punished tomorrow . I don't feel like working on the field.
  • Hygiene was poor. Because they went to a public bath only once a week, they bred lice on their bodies. There was no medicine.
  • Kenta: Don't you worry, I'll cover your field work for today.Take rest and get well soon.