Stop The Sun
Updated: 10/3/2018
Stop The Sun
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  • Exposition 1.Terry and his parents are at home Exposition 2.Story takes place at Terry's home. Exposition3.Terry is a 13 year old boy. He knows there is something wrong with his father and wants to understand him better.
  • Rising action 1. Terry begins seeking knowledge about the Vietnam War.Rising action 2. Terry goes to his mom for answers, but she dosen't tell him much.Rising action 3. Terry asks Mr.Carlson about the war. Risong action 4. Terry's dad has a flashbackat the hardware store and embarreses Terry. Rising action 5. Terry finally gets the courage to ask his father about Vietnam.
  • Climax. Terry's dad tells him the story of his war experience and how he was the only survivor in his unit. Terry begins to gain the knowledge he is seeking.
  • Falling action 1. Terry is beginning to understand his father better.Falling cation 2. Terry is going to tryto understand and not be embarrassed anymore.
  • Resolution 1. Terry has knowledge and feels closer to his dad.
  • Conflict. Terry wants to understand his father better, buthis father dosen't want to talk about it. Theme 1. War is important and can have a lasting affect on people. Theme 2. People should try to understand problems of others.
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