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Alaric I and the Visigoths
Updated: 10/14/2020
Alaric I and the Visigoths
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  • Alaric I served in the Roman Army where mainly Goths and allied people served. He gained eminence with this group being a military commander. He won several important battles during this time.
  • Execute the Goths!
  • Fine! But You Won't Be Commander of the Military!
  • Due to little recognition from the Emperor Theodosius, Alaric I left the Roman Army and became king of the Visigoths a German group who represented one of the two major political entities of the Goths in 395 A.D.
  • Free the Slaves!!!
  • As the leader of the Visigoths, King Alaric I marched through Greece, sacking Piraeus and pillaging cities like Corinth, Megara, Sparta, and Argos.
  • In 408 A.D., Roman Emperor Honorius called for the executions of all Gothic soldiers' families to oppose them from joining Alaric's Army who posed a threat to the Roman Military. This attempt failed and 30,000 Gothic soldiers ended up joining Alaric's Army.
  • In the same year, Alaric I led a march on Rome and demanded the freeing of 40,000 Gothic slaves in which the senate granted. However, Honorius refused to make him Commander of the Roman Army, so Alaric laid seige again until an agreement was reached.
  • In 410 A.D., Alaric's distrust towards the Romans caused him to lay siege on Rome once more, which eventually sacked the great city and empire for three days, which hadn't happened for 800 years.
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