Satire Project
Updated: 2/17/2021
Satire Project

Storyboard Text

  • Hmm... what should I ask her?
  • The Awkward Conversation
  • *No service in the restaurant*
  • I better find service before things get awkward.
  • Do Your Classwork
  • Why aren't you watching YouTube? You're in class.
  • Today's class:Watch YouTube videos of your choice
  • This piece of satire conveys humor. The lady realizes that in order to respond to her date she needs to post something on Twitter. To do so she needs to find service. This represents our society today in a humorous manner and how we always feel like we need to express our thoughts and spend our life on social media.
  • This represents satire through irony. The fact that the teacher tells the students to go on YouTube makes it ironic. This proves how today's society struggles with their use of social media platforms and how we use them even in times when we should not be.