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Updated: 2/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • "One that was a women, sir, but, rest her soul, she's dead."
  • "Who is to be buried in 't?"
  • "Hold off the earth a while, til I have caught her once more in mine arms."
  • I loved Ophelia too
  • "We'll put matter to the present push."
  • In the beginning of Act 5, Hamlet returns back from England and hes with Horatio, they see the gravedigger and approach him, he asks who the grave is for and he says its his own since he's digging it but then says it is for a women.
  • When the funeral starts Hamlet and Horatio hide behind a tree and try to figure out who the funeral is for. Once they see how devastated Laertes is,he realizes it is for Ophelia and then Laertes jumps into the grave with his sister.
  • Hamlet comes out of hiding and tells Laertes that he loved Ophelia more than he did and Laertes is extremely upset with him for being the cause of her death. After their separated and Hamlet leaves the king tells Laertes that Hamlets death will come soon.