parable of the sower
Updated: 4/1/2021
parable of the sower

Storyboard Text

  • parable of the sower
  • welcome to the parable of the sower
  • the path
  • the rocky soil
  • Welcome to Eryn and Sammi's Cinema! Today we are showing the parable of the sower, relax and enjoy the movie. Please silence all devices.
  • the weeds
  • The sower tossed the seeds by the path in hardpacked soil. The seed fell on the soil but it was so hard the soil wouldn't receive it so the birds ate it up.
  • the good soil
  • The sower tossed the seeds on rocky soil which prevented the roots from developing a good foundation. So the plant couldn't thrive without sufficient roots.
  • the end
  • The sower dropped the seeds in soil with thorns in it. So as the seeds grew the thorns grew with it and choked it out causing it to die.
  • The sower dropped the seeds in good soil and the seeds grew and produced much fruit.
  • Hope you enjoyed the show!