Updated: 3/19/2020

Storyboard Description

Greek Myth

Storyboard Text

  • Wow I'm really good at this!
  • Once there was a weaver of great skill. She was so good she challenged a god.
  • Maybe I should challenge Athena, the god of strategy and handicraft!
  • Athena! Athena! I challenge You to a weaving contest!
  • OH my! A challenge!
  • I ACCEPT!!!!
  • Athena heard the challenge and accepted.
  • After the challenge Archne won and this made Athena very mad. Athena destroyed the tapestries
  • Archne was so sad she hung herself to end the misery.
  • Goodbye world.
  • No!
  • But Athena was not done with her. She turned Archne into the very first spider. She will now be weaving forever
  • Dang It.
  • There you can now be weaving FOREVER! HASHAHA!
  • The theme of the story is that you never boast, Archne was better than the gods, but she boasted and challenged them. For the gods punished her.