Updated: 4/9/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Victor's father wants Victor to marry Elizabeth." Do you like Elizabeth like a sister or do you really like her?" "Well, father I want to marry Elizabeth." "Can you marry like right away" "Can I go back to Scotland and get some alone time?" "Yes, son but Henry will come with you."
  • Henry and Victor were on their way to Scotland but Henry doesn't know what Victor will be doing in Scotland. Henry and Victor were going to someone's house and Victor told Henry that he was going to go on a walk around Scotland, but went to a little house to build the female creation.
  • Victor was making the female creation. Then he was thinking what if she wants to cause more bad stuff to happen to the world? Would she not want to go with him and maybe want to cause more harm? THen he destroyed her.
  • Victor was looking around to see if the creation was in the house hiding anywhere like in small places. Victor heard a scream and so did the servants ran into the room to see Elizabeth dead with a black mark on her neck which she died because of the creation.
  • Victor came to the grave to see William, Elizabeth, and Alphonse. He came here to tell them that he will get revenge for them by killing the creation. So he had to follow the creation to kill him to revenge for his family.
  • Victor died trying to kill the creation but on the way, he got so much grief. So the creation went on a boat on the same boat that victor went on. The creation went on the boat which he went to go kill himself.