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Updated: 3/9/2020
Meghan Lay
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  • King Minos was terrifying the people of Athens because he had a huge labyrinth that had a minotaur. The kind of Athen, King Aegeus, would have to send 7 young men and women to feed the minotaur, in exchange for peace.
  • Exposition
  • Conflict:The people of Athen were scared of this beast and what it could do to them. Also, citizens were scared to stand up to it and fight it.
  • Rising action:Theseus, the king's son volunteered to go and destroy this beast. Through all his dad's requests to stay, he made it to the labyrinth. Before he went into the maze Aridane, King Minos's daughter, fell in love with Theseus, giving him a string to help him out of the maze.
  • Climax:Theseus outsmarts and kills the minotaur. He uses the string to find his way out. Once he is out, he meets Aridane again, promising to take him to his land and free her from her father.
  • Falling Action:Theseus takes Ariadne with him on his ship, stopping at an island. He asked Ariadne to get out and get something, and he decides to abandon her because he didn't love her.
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