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Updated: 3/11/2021
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  • Shayaan Tariq
  • How Sports Saved a young Football fan in Afghanistan.
  • Daily Routine/ Dream Diary
  • Shoaib has not seen any changes to one of his main daily routines which is playing and thinking about soccer. One of the main changes to his life is the dream diary in German which he became a disciple in to become a better player to achieve their dreams.
  • His Ideals
  • Shoaib wants to be the best soccer player but also understands that soccer is a team sport and cannot be played alone saying "soccer should not be played alone, When it's played together, then I love soccer."
  • Refugees knowledge
  • Over half of the children refugee's and spend most of the time they look back to their home.
  • Why he is a Team player
  • When playing with his cousins and Uncles they would never want to pass the ball when they were about to score but to Shoaib it didn't matter all he wanted is to win the game.
  • Sports meaning
  • "Sports is a universal language and a perfect way to integrate immigrants refugee into Germany" Dr. Roland. Sports is a way for people to communicate when there is a language barrier and Germany is still recovering from WWII so that is why sports is a good idea.