science natural selection model

Updated: 10/5/2021
science natural selection model

Storyboard Text

  • Hi! My name is Carl the crab, and I live on this small island on the beach. I have adapted to my enviorment over the years, so that I can live safely !
  • For example - Sense I am so small, when the tide rises I need the sand to bury myself so that I dont get washed away
  • My environment is sandy, hot, and perfect for me! I have a nice hard shell that protects me from the hot and blazing sun.
  • Some environmental pressures that affect me are when the tide rises, sometimes it tries to wash me away, I have to be careful! Good thing i have nice big claws so I can bury myself in the sand quickly!
  • Hi! I am Casandra!
  • These are my new baby crabs! I reproduced and had an offspring. These baby crabs have inherited some of the helpful traits I have so that they can also be safe and protacted!
  • Hi! I am Carter!
  • For example my baby crabs also have nice big claws and hard shells, but they even have a nice red color that keeps them safe from predators that may try to hurt them! Just like this segal