Job interveiw

Updated: 8/30/2021
Job interveiw

Storyboard Text

  • Quite nice, Ma'am! I'm glad to meet you too! Lets get started on that interview 
  • Hello! Its so nice to meet you! How are you doing?
  • So, Why do you choose to be a doctor? What encouraged you to be a doctor? 
  • Its been my dream to help the sick and unhealthy people. I got encouraged by mom when she was a doctor. 
  • Ok, good. Now, What would you do if you disagreed with a patient?
  • If I disagreed with a patient then I would tell them the right thing and agree with what they had to say to keep the conversation calm.
  • Tell me when you were in a difficult time and how you overcame that situation.
  • Yes, I was previously in a situation where one of my friends didnt want to hang out with me because we dont go to the same school. I overcame this situation by letting my friends I do hang out with be by my side. 
  • What are three words that someone would describe you?
  • Kind, hardworking, and thoughtful.
  • Thank you for coming out and applying for a job! 
  • Thank you for having me! Hope to have phone call soon!