Unknown Story
Updated: 11/20/2020
Unknown Story

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  • External Conflict
  • Direct Quote:" “Mrs. Bower said you were terrible,” a boy in formed me."Explanation: A student in Walter's class told him Mrs. Bower said he was terrible.
  • Internal Conflict
  • Direct Quote: "Suddenly the world had stopped revolving around me. I was still a part of it all, playing ball, eating, reading, experiencing the death of a family member, and the sadness. But I was only a small part."Explanation: Walter thought in his head that the world revolved around him, with his uncle's death he learned the world doesn't revolve around him.
  • Direct Quote: "Before Uncle Lee’s death my dad could find humor in almost any situation. Now there was nothing funny, nothing without the heavy shadow of his brother’s death."Explanation: Walter's dad use to always say something funny in most situations. His brother's death changed his overall personality.
  • Characterization
  • Theme
  • Direct Quote:" Writing has let me into a world in which I amrespected, where the skills I have are respected forthemselves."Explanation: Walter learns that doing what you want gets you respected and the Theme is: The skills you have are respected by yourself.
  • Symbol
  • Irony
  • Direct Quote: "“Why don’t you just marry Mama?” my sister Viola complained. “You always have something to say to her.” "Explanation: Viola used irony by asking those questions not expecting an answer and thinking he wouldn't try to marry his mom.
  • Direct Quote: "I rode on theback of the South Wind in search of the handsomeprince. I trembled when I heard the voice of the GiantTroll under the bridge."Explanation: Walter describes the book he was reading and the readers can picture the scene he read in their head.