Scientific Revolution
Updated: 1/24/2020
Scientific Revolution
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  • I'm Isaac Newton and I discovered gravity. By discovering gravity, I'm giving an explanation for things like the tides and why we go around the sun.
  • Wow that's really interesting!
  • Hello! I am Marie Curie and I discovered x-rays. This discovery allows doctors to see if someone has broken a bone and keep their patients healthy.
  • That's a really important discovery!
  • Hi my name is Robert Boyle and I am the Father of Chemistry. This discovery set an entire field of science and allowed us to explain many things in the world.
  • Your discovery helped me pursue my career. Thank You!
  • Hello I am Louis Pasteur and I discovered vaccines and pasteurization. This helped society stay healthy and live longer.
  • Your work is really important!
  • 2. Some risks of excepting a new idea could be that people don't like it. When a new law or rule is put in place, some people don't like it or don't agree with it. Another risk could it actually turns out to be wrong. An example of this could be the idea that the sun revolved around the earth. Everyone believed that this idea was right, but it actually ended up being proven wrong.
  • 1. An idea can change greatly change a society. An example of this would be cars. Without Ford having the idea of a mass production of cars, it could've taken a lot longer for cars to be produced like they are today. We might still be riding around with horses and wagons if someone didn't come up with the idea to make cars.
  • 3. It changes the science as to why things happened. It forces people to want evidence as to why things happen and not just believe whatever they are told.
  • 4. The Renaissance was a rebirth and a flourish of arts and new ideas. This scientific revolution continues this because it is a wave of exploring new ideas and concepts. The world started to expect evidence and this changed how society thought overall.
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