Sunny side up
Updated: 11/2/2020
Sunny side up

Storyboard Text

  • Thank you for your attendance on our flight today!
  • Grandpa can we go now?
  • Cool!
  • This is the Swamp Monster.
  • Sunny is getting off her plane from Pennslyvania to live with her grandpa in florida for the summer.
  • We found your cat!
  • Thank you!
  • The next day Sunny gets to go to the pool with Grandpa. This is boring for her because Grandpa lives in a Retirement communtiy so she has no one to be friends with.
  • I sure am!
  • You ready?
  • The day after that Sunny goes to get a soda from the golf clubhouse and meets a boy. The boy's name is Buzz and he really likes comics. The rest of the day Sunny and Buzz talk about comics at the clubhouse
  • Welcome back to Pennslyvania!
  • The next day Sunny and Buzz offer to help a Grandma who lost her cat they find her and then all the grandmas ask Buzz and Sunny to help find their cats. Then they go to the store and buy comics with the money they earned from finding the cats.
  • The next day Grandpa takes Sunny to DisneyWorld and she is very excited about this. They ride rides all day.
  • The next day Sunny flys home from Florida after her vaction with Grandpa. She brings a couple of comics home that Buzz gave her.