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Hamilton Jefferson Storyboard- Molly Townsley
Updated: 10/8/2020
Hamilton Jefferson Storyboard- Molly Townsley
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Storyboard Text

  • Hi, and I'm Thomas groups are on the whiteboard, to the right
  • Hi! My name is Alexander Hamilton, and the people that make up my political party (groups) are listed below.
  • artisans, shopkeepers, frontier settlers, back country farmers, poor farmers
  • My job is Secretary of Treasury
  • Well mine is Secretary of State
  • Well, I'm a strict constructionist because I think people should follow exactly what was stated and allowed in the document
  • I'm a lose constructionist because I believe you can take whatever action you wanted, as long as the document did not specifically say you couldn't do it
  • manufacturingcommerce financetradetariffs and business protections
  • merchants, bankers, manufacturers, some wealthy farmers, plantation owners
  • farming economyfavored the ‘yeoman’ farmersupport the common man
  • Washington Administration Jobs
  • NOT necessary It is not authorized in the Constitution because such a bank would benefit commercial classes, not the farmers
  • View on Government Power
  • I want a national bank was “ authorized by the Constitution because it was necessary and proper”
  • View on U.S. economy
  • Hamilton- leftJefferson- right
  • Viewpoint on National Bank(Thomas Jefferson)
  • Viewpoint on National Bank(Alexander Hamilton)
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