The most dangerous game!
Updated: 3/29/2021
The most dangerous game!

Storyboard Text

  • one day Rainsford was chilling on his balcony while he puffed on his favorite breir ,when he heard the strange sound of gunshots .
  • while Rainsford was being curious his puff bar fell out of his mouth,he tried to reach for it only to fall all the way into the water.
  • Though drowning Rainsford was determined to get to surface.
  • Rainsford finds a nice looking house after not resting or eating,where he meets Ivan and the general.
  • please do come in at your own risk!
  • Rainsford was taken aback by what the general had said but no animals can have reason..
  • rainsford decides to make small talk with the general since heś now aware that the general hunts."What have you imported,general? rainsford asked."Tigers?"
  • The things i hunt now have reason,cuarage and cunning
  • the general smiled no animal has a chance with me anymore the animals had nothing but legs and his instinct.And instinct is no match for reason.
  • as rainsford slept that night he started to piece things together about the general.One thing is that he needs to get out of here or the general may kill him
  • preferably tomorrow.
  • in order to leave I had to fight for my life!
  • I underestimated you!