The Lower Canada Rebellion prt2

Updated: 5/19/2020
The Lower Canada Rebellion  prt2

Storyboard Text

  • louis joseph papineau jr
  • year 1837
  • YEAH!
  • "Well I believe that the moment has come to melt down our tin plates and tin spoons and forge them into bullets."
  • "I also believe that the time for speeches has passed, it is lead that we must now send to our enemies."
  • "We must admit their constitutional right to meet and discuss (...), and to petition and remonstrate (...), if they feel or fancy themselves aggrieved; but any and all of them who overstep the bounds prescribed by the laws in doing so, who outrage the feelings of loyal and well disposed peaceable citizens by overt acts verging on rebellion, ought to be made to understand, that such conduct can be no longer tolerated with impunity."
  • "Assemble now!.... and elect your own justices' of the peace... as have done your reformist brothers from Two Mountains, to protect the people from the vengeance of the enemy."
  • The War
  • November 6 1837
  • .
  • FIGHT!
  • yeet
  • 1838 November 10
  • hahahe
  • hahaha
  • We surrender! we are sorry
  • october 1837
  • oh no!i am going to run to the U.S.A
  • You are charged with TREASON!
  • mwuhaha
  • year 1840
  • That sounds amazing
  • what do you say about lower and upper Canada becoming united?