Ecosystem Comic Strip
Updated: 10/23/2020
Ecosystem Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • Sure, why not!
  • Hey. Could you teach me about ecosystems?
  • Biotic means living, and abiotic means non-living.
  • An ecosystem is made up of these biotic, and abiotic factors.
  • Producers make food, and consumers eat that food, or eat the producers.
  • An ecosystem is a place where organisms live. We're organisms, and this is our ecosystem.
  • Abiotic factors, help biotic factors live. For example a banana can provide food to a monkey. Biotic factors like plants, and other animals could also provide food to other biotic factors.
  • Every animal has its own population.
  • Animals populations decrease because humans pollute the land, water, and air. Animals also die because of other animals, or diseases.
  • Stronger animals are called predators, and smaller ones are called prey. Predators such as our wolf species, hunt prey that are rabbits, etc.
  • Wow! Thanks for teaching me about ecosystems today.
  • Your welcome!
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