Dog of Pompeii by Kimberly Pacheco

Updated: 1/28/2019
Dog of Pompeii by Kimberly Pacheco

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Tito
  • Bimbo
  • Rising Action
  • Conflict (problem)
  • LIAR!
  • you will be punished!
  • Tito,a blind boy and Bimbo, his dog, lived in the city of Pompeii were mount Vesuvius rested peacefully Bimbo was the closest thing to family for Tito.
  • Climax (Turning Point)
  • Tito walks throughout the public square were he smells many different foods with Bimbo as he comes upon a crowd listening to a blistering conversation.
  • Falling Action
  • Tito and Bimbo listen to an old man from Naples warn the people of Pompeii (Rufus) over all of the earthquakes that have occurred because of the "mountain"
  • RESOLUTION (solution)
  • After a huge party Tito is awoken by Bimbo who seems alerted , goes outside realizes that it is hard to breath in the area.
  • *COUGH*
  • *woof*
  • we're all gonna die!
  • The volcano (a.k.a mt. Vesuvius) begins to erupt hot ash and rock that people start to panic while others enter their homes hoping the disaster will end soon but Bimbo keeps pushing Tito towards the harbor.
  • Keep moving!
  • Bimbo gets Tito to the boats and goes back to the village to get food for Tito. Only to be found millions of years later with piece of stale bread still in his mouth.
  • BIMBO! *sniff*
  • poor thing :(
  • My son *sniff*