Storyboard Home Economics
Updated: 6/4/2020
Storyboard Home Economics
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  • In the White family's kitchen ,Emma was using a dangerous and sharp knife towards her sister, lests listen to Isabelle the motherexplaining the correct use of kitchen tools.
  • Emma!Is that the PLASTIC cup that was in the microwave?
  • yes mum Sorry!
  • Emma ,A knife is a utensil made for cutting food.Not for playing!!!
  • Later in the afternoon, Allison ,dropped her chewing-gum on the carpet ,and had decided to take it out with a spoon, which doesn't seem to be a great idea!
  • no worry, mother i am just cleaning!
  • Allison,may i get an explanation?!
  • Its lunch time ,and Mr white is putting the pan on the table's cloth.
  • honey!Are you looking forward to burn the table?
  • delicious!
  • oups!I am going to get a plate mat!
  • we do not put plastic in the Microwave!!!
  • Sorry mum promise i will not do it again!
  • Exuse me!!Why would you leave a pan ,full of boiling water and leave your daughter play near it!?
  • Later in the evening ,Mr White was cooking pasta ,for the dinner!But when Miss White enters the kitchen the atmospherewill change ,straight away !
  • wait a minute ;)!!!
  • yes !Hum..your mum is right ,Allison!!we should stop now!
  • haha!!youweren't get me!!!
  • carma!
  • MUM!!! Why would you leave your chocolat bar, towards the dog's cage?
  • he could die!
  • END!!!
  • big deal it!
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