Unknown Story

Updated: 9/17/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Camp Paleolithic
  • Me didn't manage to kill mega fauna
  • Me no kill Mega fauna
  • Me found no berry while gathering
  • Me found no berry while gathering
  • Somewhere in camp paleolithic
  • Camp Paleolithic
  • We going to starve!
  • We hunter gatherer and we no hunt or gather
  • You see we need food to migrate but we have no food.
  • Camp paleolithic
  • Yes we found no food
  • Take you to Neolithic town I must
  • Need food do you?
  • One vegan night later
  • Me impressed
  • Agriculture place, you should go visit
  • Welcome to Neolithic Town
  • Me like the sound of agriculture place
  • Where food?
  • Growing the food is.
  • Me shocked by agriculture place. It's too big.