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Updated: 2/18/2020
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  • "Why aren't you nice and quiet like your sister Margot? Why do you have to show off all the time? Let me give you a little advice, young lady. Men don't like that kind of thing in a girl. You know that? A man likes a girl that will listen to him once in a while... a domestic girl, who'll keep her house shining for her husband...who loves to cook and sew and...
  • I'd cut my throat first! I'd open my veins! I'm going to be remarkable! I'm going to Paris!
  • Anne is shown with a very confident personality and Mr.Van Daan is shown as being rude. Page 526
  • Mr.Van Daan's character is shown as being selfish and rude to Mr.Dussel when it comes to materials. page.530
  • Did Mr.Kraler warn you that you wont get much to eat here? You can imagine... three ration books among the seven of us... now you make eight.
  • Mr.Kraler's character is shown as very humble and modest. Page 530
  • Please. Please. You make us seem very heroic. It isn't that at all. We simply don't like the Nazis. (to Mr.Frank, who offers him a drink) No, thanks. (then going on) We don't like there methods. We don't like...
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