Not just
Updated: 2/5/2020
Not just
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  • Law 218
  • Law 129
  • Law 213
  • I only get 2 shekels of silver while she gets 10.When the exact same thing happened to the both of us
  • Law 218:If a surgeon has operated with a broze lancet on the body of a free man for a serious injury , and caused his death... his hands shall be cut off. This law is unfair because there was a slim chace that the free man would survive.
  • Law 129:If a married lady is caught [in adultery] with another man, they shall bind them and cast them into the water.This law is unfair because just because the woman cheated they're going to kill her and the person she cheated with instead of breaking up . 
  • Law 213: if he has struck the slave-girl of a free man and causes her to lose the fruit of her womb, he shall pay 2 shekels of silver this law is unfair becuase in Law:209 it says if a man strikes the daughter of a free man he must pay 10 shekels of silver this is unfair becuase the slave gets less than the daughter just becuase she's a slave
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