This took me 30 minutes
Updated: 11/16/2020
This took me 30 minutes

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  • Ok my friend, America started in 1776. We beat England. Then we had to expand to the west, we took control of everything, we manifested destiny.
  • Hello human, can you tell me the history of the US so I can live here, my other planet was very dangerous.
  • America was great, A tone of immigrants came because there was good push and pull factors. America had more money and more opportunities than their old countries. Old immigrants came from western Europe, but new ones came from eastern Europe and Asia.
  • I see,
  • People came into America through Ell's Island where they became citizens. It was hard for immigrants, most couldn't speak English and had no money. But as more and more people came more opportunities came.
  • Then came all of the factories, a lot of poor families had their kids work very long and brutal hours. Many got injured and they were all paid very little. Thankfully a law got passed to ban child labor.
  • Wait you're scared of a hamster?
  • That was the past, It is sav-AHHHHH!!
  • Don't overestimate the hamster
  • I'm an all knowing god, you can't escape
  • How did you know?