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Budas path to enlightenment
Updated: 2/27/2019
Budas path to enlightenment
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  • religous leader
  • He can be a religous leader or a king
  • amazing king
  • Sure, my son can grow up to be a religous leader
  • amazing king
  • NO! my son is going to be a KING
  • sooooooo bored
  • Honey, isn't he cute?
  • *cough cough*
  • he's sick sir
  • whats wrong wth him?
  • Once upon a time, in Nepal 563 BC, Siddhartha the prince was born. One day Siddhartha's farther went to a fortune teller and he said Siddhartha could become a king or a religous leader. Siddhartha's father wanted him to be a king!
  • no prob, I look like royalty!
  • thank you for trading
  • Siddhartha was raised in wealth and luxury and never experienced sadness or pain. He was always protected in someway. He grew up an he married and had a son. Siddhartha had a perfect life.
  • This isn't working out
  • thank you for the food/milk
  • One day Siddhartha rode outside the palace with only his driver. Siddhartha saw four horrible sights, an old man with only a walking stick, a sick man, a dead man with his sobbing family, and a wandering holy man.
  • no problem
  • na
  • Call me Bhuda
  • Siddhartha?
  • One night Siddhartha ran away into the forest. He traded away his fancy clothes for yellow scratchy rags. Siddhartha lived outside in self-denial for five years.
  • Siddhartha now lived in the forest only with a tree to shelter him at night. Siddhartha doesn't eat much and he is really week. By then he realized the truth.
  • One day a milkmaid offered him rice and will and he ate it. Now he is no longer a ascetic. He went into a long meditation and a god, Mara, was trying to tempt him into things. Sadartha refused. He went deeper into meditation and soon achieved enlightenment. Now Siddhartha is Bhuda. Now all Bhuda needs to do is awaken the world.
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