Science Comic Strip

Updated: 10/6/2021
Science Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • Hey, I am Danny, Wow !!!! What a nice weather !!! Fresh air and beauty all over !!!
  • After 2 hours.....
  • Oh God !!! How come it rain !!! I did'nt bring any umbrella !!! The weather's fluctuating...
  • After a month, the snowy season (winter) begins....
  • OOhoooHooo !! So chilly out there !!!
  • After Danny came home, he asked his mother a question...
  • Momma, how can water become snowy and chuncky, flowy like rain and no feel when there are clear slides!?
  • Beta, It is because of the states of matter, when there are clear skies, we have water in its gaseous form, like in the foods' smell, when it rains, water is in its liquid form when it falls and when it snows, it becomes solid falling as hail or snow !!!
  • Oh !!! Is it mommy !!! Now I got to know the science behind the weathers !!!
  • THANK YOU !!!