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Chapter 4
Updated: 2/14/2019
Chapter 4
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  • You got no right to come in my room
  • I aint doing nothing... Just come to look at my puppy
  • Suppose George don't come back no more Suppose he took a powder and just ain't coming back
  • What? He won't do it... George wouldn't do nothing like that. I been with George for a long time
  • I been thinking about them rabbits we can make some money of them rabbits.
  • I get to tend'em George promised
  • You guys is just kiddn yourself. I seen it happen many times, too many say huys with land in their head and never get it
  • It got caught in a machine
  • Got caught in the machine
  • Have you seen Curly?... What happen to Curly hand?
  • You might need to leave
  • Shut up nigger because you know what I can do to you
  • Lennie you need to get go the guys are almost home don't wan't no trouble
  • I can have you lynched nigger
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