Iran project

Updated: 5/28/2020
Iran project

Storyboard Text

  • This short story covers a part of history of that isn’t covered in history books. It reveals how the revolution impacted people’s lives. More specifically the lives of Lelia and her husband Giv.
  • Giv worked as an officer for the Basij during the Green revolution. And one day he arrived to work fill forms for the government when his boss gave him a new assignment.
  • It has been 2 months since the revolution started we need more men on the streets. Get ready. 
  • There’s an organized protest in Tehran today and you’re on protest duty, keep them in order. Your job is restrict the protestors from getting out of hand and remember to use all force necessary.
  • Yes Sir!
  • Are we the oppressors? I’ve been an officer for the basij for just two months and I feel like the enemy not the change.
  • GET BACK!!
  • Giv returns home
  • How was work?
  • I want to quit?